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Hogwarts365: A community that loves slash! We're all about prompt based postings that are 365 words and can include any slash and femmeslash paring in the Harry Potter universe!

Fandom: Harry Potter

What is hogwarts365? It’s an exciting new community that celebrates all the slash fanfiction love in the Harry Potter universe.


1. All works of fiction must be 365 words.
2. This is a prompt based community and prompts will be posted on a weekly basis and everyone is welcome to participate.  Sometimes we will post simply prompts, sometimes we will post pairings or characters!
3. This is a slash only comm. That’s m/m or f/f. -->The main characters of this story -- the main pairing has to be m/m or f/f but background characters can be of whatever sexual orientation.
4. Threesome centric stories are allowed as long as all the three characters are of the same gender. (Exception to the rule can be made if your character ends up being transgender or gender queer, etc… Feel free to ask us questions about it).
5. All Ratings are allowed, please post warnings if your posts are higher than PG-13
6. More than one entry per prompt is allowed. Series/Continuing stories are allowed. (365 words per post!)
7. You are more than welcome to collaborate with other prompts with other communities. (365 words per post!)
8. The stories can take place anywhere, they can be non-magical AU, they don’t necessarily have to take place at Hogwarts! (We just like the name).
9. LJ Cut is your friend.
10. Posting Header: Please use this form (or something close to it) when posting your submission

You can always email us at hogwarts365mods@gmail.com


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